We asked a group of teenagers who have come to CHUMS if they had any advice for other teenagers who have been bereaved. Here’s what they thought:



I think the first thing to remember is that it’s ok to cry, no one is going to put you down for it.


Time is a healer.


Don’t be afraid to ask questions.


That it does get easier and don’t hold it in, talk to somebody.


All that you’re feeling is normal. Don’t think that it is wrong. You are allowed to deal with it in your own way.


To not be shy, come out about it. Everybody has the right to express their feelings. No-one will laugh.


At first it’s hard but once you start talking about it, it becomes easier.


Talk to those you trust. Try to find someone who will listen to you. No questions asked.


Find an outlet- sport, music, hobbies.


Try and make an effort to go to CHUMS as they do help.


Come and try it (CHUMS) they support you because they know what you’re going through.


Open up to people at CHUMS, at  the end of the day, they’ve been through similar things and they understand.



We also asked about what they found helpful in coming to CHUMS:



Meeting other people in the same situation. That wherever you are and whatever you do, there will always be someone to talk to.


Talking to and being around other teenagers who have dealt with similar things.


There is always someone who will listen.


Having people of your own age that have been through it around you.


Talking to somebody. Hearing other experiences.


I met new people who have gone through someone dying and it made me realise that I was not alone and not the only one.