Emotional Wellbeing Service

The Emotional Wellbeing Service is a community based service commissioned by East London Foundation Trust.  The service offers support to children and young people in Central Bedfordshire and Bedford Borough with mild to moderate mental health difficulties.


We employ a multi disciplinary team of clinicians from backgrounds such as clinical psychology, family therapy, social work and counselling, who offer short term support using evidence based programmes. The service offers group support for some presenting issues.

We work closely with the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) teams who support moderate to severe mental health difficulties, to ensure all children and young people are offered assessment and support by the most appropriate service.  Additionally, we work closely with many other local agencies and offer a signposting service when we feel support would be advisable from another agency, either at the time of referral or post assessment.

There are a number of downloadable information leaflets on our website in the media/information area. Please refer to this information in the first instance as this information will give you strategies to try prior to making a referral. If you still wish to make a referral, please check the criteria and pathway information below to ensure you are making an appropriate referral. Please remember to include as much information as you can with regards the mental health difficulty.

CYP = child/young person

  • CYP should be registered with a G.P in Central Bedfordshire or Bedford Borough
  • CYP should not be accessing support from another Tier 2 service unless this has been specifically recommended
  • CYP must not be currently receiving intervention from Tier 3 CAMHS or be on the waiting list to do so
  • CYP must not be thought to be a danger to him/herself or others. CHUMS EWS may see young people who are involved in some mild form of Deliberate Self-Harm
  • CYP must not be thought to be suffering a major psychiatric disorder
  • CYP must be thought to be suffering only a mild to moderate psychological problem. These will generally be a single problem and relate to one area of functioning. Problems of a more complex or severe nature across several areas of functioning (e.g. emotional symptoms, behavioural symptoms, school attainment / attendance or difficulties in peer/family relationships) may be better managed at Tier 3 CAMHS
  • CYP must not be identified as having significant special educational needs, including moderate or severe learning disability
  • Children who have been adopted can only be supported where the presenting issue is unrelated to the adoption
  • CHUMS will work with developmental disorders such as Autism and Asperger’s where there is an identified mild to moderate mental health problem
  • Any issues regarded as urgent, needing attention within two weeks, should be referred to CAMHS.
  • CHUMS will not accept referrals where there is no identified mental health need, including substance misuse, soiling/eneuresis, school refusal, tics
  • Referrals with regards behaviour at home will only be accepted after a parent/carer has accessed an appropriate parenting programme
  • Referrals with regards home based relationships including divorce/separation should be made to Relate