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An Experience of Bereavement

Watch Michael talk about how he coped when his […]

Ruby Preece’s story

Ruby Preece was only 7 when her dad, Luton […]

An Experience of ADHD – Rapha


ADHD affects many children and young people. Watch Rapha’s […]

Why do we sometimes feel anxious?

Russell Hurn, our consultant psychologist talks through anxiety and […]

Recreational Therapeutic Service


Watch how we use football to support students struggling […]

An Experience of Anxiety – Antony

, ,

Watch Antony¬†as he shares his experience of struggling with […]

An Experience of Bullying – Charlotte

See how being bullied affected Charlotte.

Note: The views expressed […]

An Experience of OCD – Rhiannon

Watch Rhiannon’s story of how she managed to live […]

A Father’s Day message

Dads are so important and can have such an […]

Young Carers Support Service


See how we support young carers in our Young […]

Neonatal Bereavement Service

See what support we offer in our Stillbirth and Neonatal Bereavement Service

Kit’s Story

Watch Kit's experience of coming to CHUMS.

Ongoing teenage group


Directed and filmed by CHUMS teenage group.


How do we measure what we do?

Bereavement Service


Hear from service users and staff about our Bereavement Service

Our Last Year 2014

Hear our thoughts about the highs and lows of […]

Ongoing teenage group


Directed and filmed by CHUMS ongoing teenage group.