About this animated film

Through the use of ‘edutainment’ (a combination of animation and education) this 11.5 minute film produced by The Angel Studio, approaches the difficult subject of the death of a father. In this, the first in a series of short animated films titled ‘Our Year’ we follow Gemma a young girl adjusting to life without her dad following his sudden death.



Via a ‘video diary’ Gemma talks us through the first year after the death of her Dad. She shares various aspects of her grief, including significant events such as the funeral, and her Dad’s birthday.


She describes how she personally feels and the observations she has on her family; Mum, older brother Will, younger brother Charlie, Gran, Uncle Jim and Aunty June and how they try to help each other whilst also dealing with their individual grief.




Who is this animanted film for?

This film has a wide audience and includes anyone who may come into contact with a bereaved child or young person including the following:

  • Parents, caregivers, family members and friends
  • Teachers, classroom assistants, social worker, foster parents, youth workers, the emergency services, the police,
    health professionals including doctors, nurses
  • Child therapists, psychologists, counsellors

Age group

This film is suitable for children and young persons between the ages of 5 – 16.


How you can use this film?

The film is made up of 15 chapters and has been produced to enable the viewer to watch as a whole, or to pause at various points to reflect and talk about key issues that may arise.


DVD Details


Running Time: 11.5 Minutes
PAL DV 720p – Region 2  (UK & Europe only)
Subtitle Tracks: English


This DVD includes the following materials to help explore the experiences and feelings associated with bereavement in children.


1. Video Introduction; by Dawn Hewitt – CEO, CHUMS
2. Guidance notes (Inside DVD case)
3. A lesson plan
4. PowerPoint presentation
5. Note taking template
6. Question & answer session.


(Items 3-6 available for download on PC or Mac)



 Price £30


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