CHUMS Child Bereavement Service has developed a Trauma Service to broaden the help that it already offers to traumatically bereaved children and young people. 


The Trauma Service is led by David Trickey, Lead Consultant Clinical Psychologist. He is chartered by the British Psychological Society (BPS), and registered with the Health Professionals Council (HPC). As well as having trained as a Clinical Psychologist and having worked within the NHS since 1994, he has specialised in trauma and traumatic bereavement since 2000. Referrals accepted by the Trauma Service will be offered an assessment either by David Trickey, or by one of the Trainee Clinical Psychologists who are on placement with the service.




CHUMS Child Bereavement Service already supports many children and young people who have been traumatically bereaved. Not all of them will require specialist trauma-focussed intervention. Referrals for traumatically bereaved children should be made to CHUMS through the normal route. A decision will then be made by CHUMS practitioners as to whether the young person is appropriate for the specialist trauma service.


Teaching and training


CHUMS Child Bereavement and Trauma Service offers a wide variety of training courses on children, loss and grief, and now also offers training on trauma and traumatic bereavement. Please contact us to discuss your training requirements.




Research has shown that the questionnaires and techniques used by the trauma service are effective. The trauma service also seeks to contribute to research, and therefore sometimes research projects will be taking place within the service. This would always be discussed with the young person first, and is completely optional.

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