Trauma Service

The Trauma Service was initially developed to offer additional specialist support to children and young people bereaved by murder, suicide or other sudden death and/or where there are signs and symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  The aim of this support is to reduce distress and increase functioning.
The Trauma Service is also able to support other child based trauma in some areas in the county, including sexual abuse, witness to domestic violence or witness to another traumatic event.


CHUMS Child Bereavement Service already supports many children and young people who have been traumatically bereaved. Not all of them will require specialist trauma-focussed intervention. Referrals for traumatically bereaved children should be made to the CHUMS Bereavement Service through the normal route. A decision will then be made by CHUMS practitioners as to whether the young person is appropriate for the specialist trauma service.

Referrals for non bereavement trauma can be made directly via our Trauma Service.


The Trauma Service aims to deliver the most effective treatment based on the available clinical and research evidence.  We continually monitor and evaluate the service we provide and as part of our work we often engage in research to ensure our methods and approaches are beneficial to our service users.  This would only be undertaken with the consent of the client.